---About Caustic Soda.


Caustic Soda, also called solid sodium hydroxide, is the foundation chemical raw materials, which is widely used in Textile, Printing and Dyeing, Enamel, Paper Making, Synthetic Detergent, Pesticide, Metallurgy, Food, Rubber, etc


---About Yunhai Caustic Soda.


Our quality is best in this field, which is popular in our clients all over the world. The  annual output is about 50 thousand metric tons.

-We get the raw material of caustic soda from Tianjin Bohai Chemical industry Group Co.,Ltd,  which is the most famous supplier of liquid caustic soda. The liquid caustic soda is steady & of good quality.
-In our factory, we produce the caustic soda using the continuous maintained heat from our calcining stove(calcined petroleum coke producing equipment) whose temperature is about 1400℃, so we can ensure the quality & less environmental polluted.


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---About packing.

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