---About pitch coke

Pitch Coke(Si(OC2H5)), also called Tar Coke, is made of coal tar in the calcining stove in which the temperature is more than 1100℃.
Pitch coke is widely used as raw material of graphite electrode in graphite industry.

---About Yunhai pitch coke.

Yunhai calcined  pitch coke is very popular in Korean and Japanese clients for high requirement for sulfur, it has better specifications microelement. we only get its raw material from one company to ensure it steady and good quality. The monthly volume is about 1500 tons

---About Yunhai pitch coke specifications.

calcined pitch coke
Model Fixed Carbon Sulphur Ash Volatile Matter Moisture Capability Real Density
YH-PC-02 98.5%min 0.15%max 0.5%max 0.7%max 0.5%max 1500 Ton/Month 1.96 min