1. Production & Sales of Calcined Petroleum Coke.

It is our main activity, we have been in this field for more than 11 years, we get excellent raw material-green petroleum coke, then creat it with high- temperature process. We offer best CPC to all over the world. Meanwhile, we work together with our customer & competitors to improve technology & specifications of production of CPC.

2. Production & Sales of Caustic Soda.

It is created by waste heat from our calciner. The consistent heat from calciner could ensure the quality of caustic soda, which can meet requirement of production of our clients.

3. Leading the Market & Protect the Market.

As the leader of low sulfur CPC plant, Yunhai carbon regulates its own behavior and try its best to affect others to balance the market & to guarantee customer largest profits & benefits.

a, Four "No. 1" in China.

  • •No.1 Low Sulfur & High Purity High-end Products, Yunhai CPC has high excellent specifications, which could meet requirement for high production
  • •No.1 Production Craft Technology , using waste heat to produce caustic soda,
  • •No.1 Sieving Volume, Yunhai owns the largest sieving equipment & ability in China.
  • •No.1 Reputation & Service. All CPC & caustic soda must be superior to requirement of our clients. we seriously learn & deal with feedback from clients, then serve better.

b, Production practices & experience, 
Our company has been in this field for more than 11 years, having 28 practical new-type patents.

c, Quality Control. 
Yunhai has steady suppliers of raw material & has its own lab to inspect and control the quality at any time in the production process.

d, Geographical Advantage,

We are in Tianjin, where transportation is very convenient,we are 60 kilometers from Tianjin Center,50 kilometers from the Tianjin Airport & 20 kilometers from the Xingang Port, Tianjin.